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Blood Pressure Monitor

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YK-BPW5 BP Monitor

Launch new products,eliminate complex functions and focus on measurement essence

Precise Data Processing Ensure accuracy

lntelligent adjustment and adaptation for more accurate measurement re-sults

Large Font DispIay LCD screen

Large fonts on the LCD display allow you to see you rmeasurements clear-ly and are also accessible to the visually impaired

99-Group Memory Focus on early morning BP

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure level,nocturnal blood pressure level And the relationship between blood pressure levels and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease risk in the morning is even more intimate and significant

Small and Portable Small to measuring anywhere

Even in the winter,the elderly do not need to take Off their clothes to measure easy to use,accurate measurement

Double Channel lnflation Uniform pressure

Uniform pressure to ensure the stability of the measurement results

Save your batteries with automatic shut off

The blood pressure monitor automatically turns off after a minute of inactivity, giving you enough time to view your results while also saving energy and extending the device’s battery life.

Product Description:

Keep track of your health with this blood pressure monitor.

• One-button measurement
Experience the ultimate ease of use and record your blood pressure at the touch of a button.

• Large font LCD screen
The LCD display lets you clearly see your measurements and is accessible for visually impaired people.

• 98% accuracy
The monitor’s intelligent adjustment and adaptation through upgraded chips allows you to get results you can trust.

• 99-group memory
The large digital memory means you can monitor your blood pressure over time to gauge your overall health.

• Arrhythmia detection function
This blood pressure monitor also tracks your heart rate for the early detection of arrhythmia.

Product Specifications

Brand Name: Yongrow
Origin: Mainland China
Material: ABS
Item type: Blood Pressure Monitor
Model number: YK-BPW5
Size: 80*85*75mm
Application: Wrist
Display: LCD digital display
Use for: Blood pressure & pulse measurements
Supply type: Manufacturer
Test method: Oscillation method
Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
Air pressure: 50kPa~105kPa
Blood pressure range: 20-280mmHg
For wrist circumference range: 13.5cm–19.5cm
Memory: 99 sets
Auto off: After 1 minute
Shutdown Current: <100uA
PR Accuracy: ±5%

Product Function Upgrade

Fully upgraded new LED wrist blood pressure monitor:
Maximum upgrade point:
1.Voice broadcast.
2.Built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
3.High-definition LED screen, large fonts are more intuitive.
4.Record two users, each user can record 99 data.
5.The first 500 users will receive a storage box.

Product certification


1. Can the spoken language be changed?

No, only one language is available for the display. Please select your desired language version before placing an order.

2. Can this device be charged?

This upgraded product can be charged with the USB C cable of any USB adapter.

3. What are the common causes of inaccurate blood pressure readings?

(1) Improperly worn wristband
(2) Activities before measurement
(3) Incorrect body position or excessive movement
(4) Measurement time

4. Is there any difference between the readings of upper arm blood pressure monitor and wrist blood pressure monitor?

Since blood pressure varies throughout the body, readings will most likely vary from your upper arm to your wrist. All Yongrow blood pressure monitors, whether upper arm or wrist, are certified to international standards and are validated in the same way and have the same accuracy specifications.

5. Will my reading at home be different than the reading at the doctor’s office?

Yes, you will see some differences. This is normal and can happen for a number of reasons. Some of the more common causes are as follows:

(1) A person’s blood pressure varies throughout the day, so your blood pressure can vary at any given moment.

(2) You may have a condition called "white coat hypertension" and "masked hypertension."

6. Why is my wrist blood pressure monitor reading wrong?

The most common cause of high readings when using a wrist blood pressure monitor is that the user has not positioned the wrist monitor at heart level. When using a wrist monitor, make sure the device is at heart level when taking a reading. Note also that there may be a real difference in blood pressure at the upper arm and at the wrist.

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