• Self Stirring Magnetic Mug .
  • Self Stirring Magnetic Mug .
  • Self Stirring Magnetic Mug .
  • Self Stirring Magnetic Mug .
  • Self Stirring Magnetic Mug .
  • Self Stirring Magnetic Mug .
  • Self Stirring Magnetic Mug .
  • Self Stirring Magnetic Mug .

Self Stirring Magnetic Mug

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  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 12.8 oz

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Upgraded Self-Stirring Mug

Meet your new favorite drink vessel. This stainless steel mug does all the stirring for you at the push of a button and comes in two cool colors: White and Brown.


At 12.8 oz, it’s the perfect size for any drink. And with the included USB cable, charging is easy. No need for batteries. And no more spoons!


Want to stir manually? No problem! Just remove the magnetic stirrer and it’s a regular mug.


This mug makes a great gift for anyone who loves a perfectly mixed drink. Experience our Upgraded Self Stirring Mug - a whole new way to enjoy your drink.

Just got this Self Stirring Mug and it’s a hoot! I mean, stirring my own coffee? That’s so last century. It’s compact, easy to charge, and a total time-saver. If it could also fetch my newspaper, we’d be in business! It’s a keeper in my kitchen, no doubt there. Get one and keep your spoons clean, they’ll thank you! Toni B.

Taking Laziness to New Heights

Our Upgraded Self Stirring Mug allows for the simultaneous consumption and stirring of beverages, making it easier than ever to drink while totally ignoring the chore of stirring. Enjoy the art of doing less and make your coffee breaks a mindless breeze.


A Stirring Revolution is Here


The Upgraded Self Stirring Mug comes with an integrated USB charging system, designed for quick recharging, saving you from the hassle of fumbling with batteries. Never manually mix your beverages again.


As Effortless as Blinking


Just one click and voila! Your drink’s a swirling vortex of perfectly mixed goodness. It’s so simple, it makes a lazy Sunday look like a busy Monday. Now if only we could invent a button to drink the coffee for us too!


Save on the Fun with our Bundle Discounts


Think giving one Self Stirring Mug is a riot? Try gifting two, or better yet, a bunch! Perfect for all your coffee-loving buddies, protein-shake gym pals, or that one friend who can never find a spoon.


It’s a novelty gift that’s sure to stir up some laughter. And when you buy more, you save more! With our exciting bundle discounts, your wallet will be as happy as your friends.


So, why wait? Click the Add to Cart button now, and let the hilarity brew!




Item Type: USB Beverage Mug

Number of Pieces: 3

- 1 Electric self stirring mug
- 1 USB cable
- 1 Cup lid
- 1 Magnetic stirrer

Dimensions: 5.11 in x 5.51 in x 3.54 in

Power: Rechargeable, USB

Capacity: 12.8 fl oz




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