• Tactical LED Flashlight
  • Tactical LED Flashlight
  • Tactical LED Flashlight
  • Tactical LED Flashlight
  • Tactical LED Flashlight
  • Tactical LED Flashlight
  • Tactical LED Flashlight

Tactical LED Flashlight

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🔦🎇 Tactical LED Flashlight 

Experience the ultimate in brightness and portability with our Tactical LED Flashlight. Ideal for fishing, hunting, and tactical use, this flashlight is designed to exceed your expectations with its superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

Features and Benefits:
🌟 Unmatched Portability: Compact and portable design makes it easy to carry wherever you go. Perfect for outdoor adventures.
💡 High Power LED: Equipped with a strong LED that delivers an ultra-visible range of 100,000 lumens. Illuminate your path with incredible brightness and long-range capability.
🎯 Eagle Eye Focus: Telescopic focus allows you to adjust the beam for precise lighting, from a wide floodlight to a focused spotlight.
🔋 High Capacity Battery: Built-in lithium battery ensures longer lighting time, providing reliable performance for extended use.
🔌 USB Rechargeable: Standard USB interface lets you charge the flashlight using a laptop, computer, phone charger, or power bank. Convenient and versatile.
🔥 Advanced Heat Dissipation: Intelligent multi-stage heat dissipation system protects the core battery and extends the flashlight’s lifespan.
🌧 Waterproof Design: One-piece waterproof housing makes it rainproof and suitable for outdoor adventures, even in stormy weather.

📏 Dimensions: 5.12 inches x 1.38 inches 
⚖️ Weight: 2.68 ounces 
💡 Light Source: High power LED
🔋 Battery: Built-in lithium battery
🌧 Waterproof Rating: Life grade waterproof
🔌 Charging: USB charging
🚥 Lighting Modes: Strong light, medium light, flashing, SOS

Package Includes:
📦 Full Set:
- 1 Flashlight
- 1 Charging Cable

Instructions for Use:
📖 Switch Operation:
- Insert the battery with the positive electrode facing inward (lamp holder side) and the negative electrode outward (tail).
- Fully press the tail switch for on/off function. Lightly press the switch for dimming.

⚠️ Special Tips:
- Do not use under overpressure; voltage should not exceed 4.2V.
- Ensure proper battery insertion to avoid damage.
- Control torch temperature to ensure effective heat dissipation.
- Non-professionals should avoid opening the circuit board.

🔋 Lithium Battery Usage:
- Lithium batteries have no memory and can be charged anytime. Avoid overcharging or discharging.
- First charge should be for at least 6 hours. Subsequent charges follow the green light indicator.
- Use a "three-proof" charger with anti-overcharge, anti-reverse connection, and anti-short circuit features.
- If not used for a long time, keep the battery fully charged and recharge every three months.

🔦 Flashlight Usage:
- Follow voltage and battery requirements to avoid damaging the circuit board. Do not mix different batteries.
- Turn off the flashlight when brightness decreases to prevent excessive battery discharge.
- Ensure proper heat dissipation during use. Start with the second gear for strong performance.
- Illuminate your adventures with the Powerful LED Flashlight, your reliable companion for any situation!




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